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Arai Helmet XD-4 Detour Drudi Performance Special Edition

Arai XD-4 Detour helmet is similar in appearance to the previous XD3, however it has been greatly improved in all- around performance. Arai has gone above and beyond for this XD-4 helmet especially when they decided to use the services of Drudi, the Italian master of motorcycle graphic design. This helmet is spectacular and you will not regret spending the extra ca$h to get it.

One of its best feature is its combination of the new comfort headliner, with microfitting 5mm peel-away temple pads with 5mm peel away layers. This adds a new dimension to the concept of helmet fit and customization. This helmet's paint job just sparkles due to very fine metal flake nano particles using technology at its best. Beware, the lines and the colors are popping on this helmet, so don't get surprised if you get compliments in traffic at all intersections! If you want to make a splash with a cool hooligan style helmet in the streets or at the race track, get this helmet A$AP.

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Arai Helmet Vector-2 Schwantz 95 Frost Drudi Performance Special Edition

This Arai Vector-2 Schwantz 95 helmet makes people go nuts! It is truly a jaw dropper! The fit for this helmet is fully customizable with a 5mm peel-away layer added to the removable interior comfort liner’s side/temple pad. The Vector-2’s two-position adjustment allows incoming air to be directed to either the facial area for cooling or onto the shield to help clearing if needed. The new ACF-2 front intake vent incorporates a sliding door that closes the oversized intake opening completely. At the same time, the outer gate closes the intake opening, an inner plate slides over and closes the hole in the shell. Another cool feature of the Vector-2 is that it accepts the optional Arai Pro Shade System for track day.

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AGV Pista GP-R Carbon Helmet Special Edition

AGV Pista GP R Carbon Rossi Sole Luna 2016 Monster Energy Helmet The AGV Pista GP R Carbon Rossi is the pinnacle of professional motorcycle racing protection. It features an integrated hydration system developed with top riders with tube routing optimized to eliminate distraction for completely unencumbered hydration while riding. Moto GP developed metal air vents with an innovative external fins structure have been engineered to capture maximum airflow in the front of the shell and increase air pressure on the rear exhaust, therefore increasing the speed of air transition inside the helmet, and leading to higher cooling performance. The wind-tunnel spoiler has multiple wings to maximize aerodynamic performance and add stability at high speed. The extremely compact and light 100% carbon fiber shell’s shape is designed to limit risk of impact energy transfer to the collarbone. The interior has an adaptable fit and places no stitching in sensitive areas. The result is a helmet that approaches perfection in terms of maximizing comfort for the ultimate pro-level track riding experience.

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Icon Airmada

The Icon Airmada is the most affordable helmet of all the helmets described in this article. What is so awesome about the Icon Airmada is that it comes in a vast array of colors and graphics to choose from. If you are looking for a super nice helmet that won't break the bank, this one is for you! It has very good features such as an injection molded polycarbonate shell for strength and durability and a recessed twin channel Supervent with industry leading intake and exhaust ports for increased cooling. Moreover, this helmet comes equipped with a fog free shield and an adjustable chin and forehead venting system that will maintain continual temperature for increased comfort in any riding situation. Plus, you will always be able to keep this helmet fresh with its fully removable washable Hydradry moisture wicking interior. Of course, this helmet comes with all safety testing standards (DOT) so you can safely ride in style!

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AGV Corsa Rossi Milano Helmet

The AGV Corsa Helmet combines the performance of the Pista GP with road-riding features such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort, without sacrificing the performance standards of the GP model. This helmet has less features than the AGV Pista GP-R Carbon fiber but you will never go wrong with a Rossi helmet. The AGV Corsa Helmet has been awarded a Five Star SHARP certification: Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme by the UK Department of Transportation's independent helmet evaluation system. As a result, the Corsa is now listed among the safest helmets in the world. In our view, it is also listed among the coolest too.

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