Rising Stars in the Motovlogging Sphere

Top ten of the must watch motovloggers on their way up!

Top ten of the must watch motovloggers on their way up!

Are you tired of watching the same old motovloggers doing the same thing all the time? Are you craving for diversity and brand new perspectives? Sure you do, then look at our list of brand new motovloggers waiting for you to check them out. This is the top ten of the must watch motovloggers on their way up! The Ranking is based on View Count

# 1 = Redline Ravens is currently listed @ # 76 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide Lis

The Redline Ravens are three young women who aim to inspire riders internationally to unite and share the same passion they have for the motorcycle lifestyle and fitness. Their optimal goal is to encourage others to lead an active lifestyle, with an emphasis towards inspiring women, from all walks of life to gain confidence in male dominant industries and to promote a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect between all riders. Additionally, they wish to offer an intriguing perspective of the bike life through their high intensity outlook. Also, they aim to educate by posting gear reviews, tutorials, fitness videos, silly videos, etc... Their goal is to have a lot of fun in the process of motovlogging! Go watch all their videos and don't forget to smash that like button for them! This is their Instagram! Those RedLine Ravens are cool as hell!
Go check them out! Redline Ravens' Instagram

Youtube click here =>RedLine Raven's Channel

# 2 = Motohax is currently listed @ # 104 on fed007.com Motovlogging Worldwide Master List

Motohax is from Texas and you can totally tell that you cannot mess with him. Don't mess with Texas! Motohax doesn't have tons of Subs but he deserves way more! Based on his amount of views and his subs count, you can definitively tell that his ratio subs to view is excellent and a good indicator that he is very entertaining. He has about 1000 subs however, his most recent videos got over 1000+ views. This simple equation means that Motohax is on his way up! Do not be afraid to go see for yourself what we are talking about. Motohax owns a Yamaha FZ-09, Honda CBR 600RR and a Harley Davidson VRSCX. Check out his vids!!!

Youtube click here => Motohax' Channel

# 3 = Moto Tingle is currently listed @ #121 on fed007.com Motovlogging Worldwide Master List

Moto tingle is a motovlogger from the UK, he is on Youtube but it is not for the fame, the fortune or the Subscribers. What is great about Moto Tingle is that he does motovlogs for the pure love of it which is something pretty rare in the world of motovlogging. You can see it in the fabric of his vids: he has no awkward pressure and his delivery is always very concise. It is always a blast to check out his review videos of motorcycles and some of them are super informative especially the Ducati and the Harley Davidson reviews. Moto Tingle owns a BMW K1300S, a Yamaha XT 660R and a Harley Davidson Y-Rod VRCF. Follow him out on Twitter @mototingle, he is very friendly too! Subscribe to Moto Tingle Today!

Youtube click here => Moto Tingle's Channel

# 4 = Red Renna is currently listed @ # 68 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

In a short period of time, Red Renna has built a very impressive channel very race track oriented. Her followers are mostly the Dainese type and upscale die hard riders. Also, her thumbnails are super catchy and when you look at them, you just want to click on all the vids at the same time. There is one thing for sure, the thumbnails are super good but her vids are even better. Don't be afraid to follow her adventures on her CBR 600RR and KTM RC 390, you will miss out if you don't.

Youtube click here => Red Renna's Channel

# 5 = Aspie Thinker is currently listed @ # 42 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

Aspie Thinker is a motorcycle commuter in Brisbane, Australia. He typically posts close calls, rage provokers, and other strange sights which are all great elements to have in motovlogging videos. The point of his videos is not to name and shame, but merely to entertain, educate, and train hazard perception. You just have to check out one of Aspie's vid to be totally entertained. Also, he will always publish all videos as long as he does something stupid on the road; indeed, he will show it because he does not believe in censuring. Apparently, he has yet to submit any footage to the police and would only do so in the event of something really serious would happen. Think about events like a hit-and-run or serious crash where police need witnesses, Aspie would collaborate and listen. Subscribe to his channel today!

Youtube click here => Aspie Thinker's Channel

# 6 = Pauliane F is currently listed @ # 43 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

Pauliane F Channel is exclusively in French but if you are speaking French, like we do, you will also be able to appreciate the quality of her videos. Pauliane is from Switzerland but at first we thought that she was from France. One super good quality that she has is her loyal honesty about her moto skills. She knows that she is not the best when it comes to motorcycle stunting but she is willing to learn. She is very humble and that is why her channel has been exploding lately. Additionally, her sole goal in her channel is to showcase her evolution and her rise to stardom! Please Subscribe, it is definitively a must see channel! Follow her motovlogging on her KTM 690 SMC-R. N'h├ęsitez pas de la suivre sur Youtube et Instagram. Cliquez ici pour l'Instagram de Pauliane

Youtube click here => Pauliane F's Channel

# 7 = Pink Doodly who is currently listed @ # 60 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

Pink Doodly is from the Uk and she loves to ride her bikes. When she is not playing the flute and the piano or baking a batch of cookies all at the same time; she just get on her Suzuki SV 650 and go motovlogging. Her motovlogging style is mostly about random things in day to day life and fun time! If you are looking for fun vids, Pink's channel is the one you should subscribe to! Don't forget to go follow her on Twitter!

Youtube click here => Pink Doodly's Channel

# 8 = Dev Rev is currently listed @ # 103 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

Dead Rev a.k.a Nick is a brand new motovlogger from New Jersey. He can do very good wheelies even for your mums standing out there (This is what he said on Twitter). He is bringing a fre$h approach to the game and don't forget to check out his vids! Dead Rev totally loves to cause some trouble in his CRF 230F, follow him today!

Youtube click here => Dev Rev's Channel

# 9 = The Happy Sem is currently listed @ # 65 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

The Happy Sem like things that are loud and fast, sometimes he take pictures and make videos. He is part of the Stay Broke Krew - Kareless Original which is an elite class of riders. In addition, he is currently riding a 2015 Ducati Hypermotard that is always in the shop, a 2015 Honda Grom that is his mini hooligan machine, a 2013 KTM 250 XC-W 2 stroke which is a street legal enduro and a CRF450R that is a supermoto conversion project. If you are looking for pure undiluted hooliganism, His channel is the one you should subscribe to. Happy Sem's energy is purely contagious, you will definitively enjoy his content! Check out his vids today!

Youtube click here => Happy Sem's Channel

# 10 = Moto Pilot is currently listed @ # 54 on fed007.com Motovlogging Master Worldwide List

He has been on two wheels since he can remember. He started throwing a leg over dirt bikes at the ripe age of 12 and started racing MX at 16, turning pro at 18 and competing regularly on the local southern California circuit. With his racing days behind him, Moto Pilot now works as a graphic designer in the MX Apparel industry and ride his 2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000F 5 days a week. Moto Pilot started his motovlog on May 22, 2016, with a mission to create something unique and exciting to watch. He somehow came up with the Fighter Pilot theme for added visual (no, he is not a real pilot or military dude) and sticked to it ever since. All in all, the greatest goal of Moto Pilot is to take his subs into the local motorcycling culture of California and beyond with his extra sleek vids. Armed with his great brand new rising success, Moto Pilot is already having sponsors: Speed & Strength Apparel and Scala Rider Helmet Communications and a fan base moto address where you can send him some cool stuff:

Moto Pilot
3410 La Sierra Ave. #F168
Riverside, CA 92503

Don't be afraid to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

Youtube click here => Moto Pilot's Channel

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