Do Clickbait and Negative Videos sell?

We compared 6 all time hits motovlogging videos to really see the common elements that made them go viral and we will share our analysis with you. The goal of this social experiment is to expose concepts that make the subs tick in this game.

#1: Full video of GSXR crashing into versa

Story: We have a speeding bike that crashes into the back of a car. As a result, the bike flips in the air in a spectacular manner and sends the biker to the ground.
Analysis: The beginning of this video is pure gold, you want a total shock and awe experience for your viewers. A bike crash is always a shocking disaster in nature.
People are coming to the rescue of the biker and find a huge axe down his pants. Then, a woman in a sport bra with a bottle of vodka in her hands is starting to direct traffic while screaming at cars and of course, drinking her bottle of vodka. Meanwhile, a lady's motherly instincts kicks in and starts masssaging the down biker in a sensual manner.
Analysis: Sex sells, what do you expect? Try to get as much sexy footage as you can, always.
EMT in training arrives and asks if he is breathing- only to be ignored. Not too long after, the firefighters arrive and the drunk lady leaves.
Analysis: This video has a great feel good happy ending which is great for the viewers.

#2: South 405 Crash Sportster 883

Story: A Sexy Biker Chick wearing leggings was totally legally lane splitting while going the appropriate speed when suddenly, she gets hit by a super dumb driver.
Analysis: Bike crash and a sexy biker girl, again sex and disaster sell! Everybody feels bad for the biker girl but at the same time the viewers can't stop commenting on her good looks.
When you look closely at the video, the bad driver never looked at her blind spots, broke two California laws by entering the carpool lane illegally and by being by herself in the car (you need two people in the car in order to use the carpool lane in California). However, she is trying super hard to weasel out and acts as if she did not do anything wrong; she looks like she doesn't want to collaborate.
Analysis: Controversy is another element that brings interest to the intrigue. The longer the controvery goes, the more captivating your story becomes to your viewers. The controversial part in this video is the attitude of the bad driver, you just can't get over how inhumane and despicable she is.
As the video develop, you can see how Bionik, the motovlogger who is helping the biker chick and filming all of this at the same time, is just a super nice guy and then you start to wonder, are they dating now?
Analysis: The concept here is mystery. A lot of people wonder if the motovlogger that tried to help the sexy biker chick ended up dating her. We tried to find out but did not find anything. Mystery is what makes the viewers come back to your channel.

#3: Chased down with a GUN!! They wanted our bikes!! [Chase and Yummi Adventure Series]

Story: Chase and Yummi are buzzing around in Georgia's poorest and sketchiest guetto with their brand new shiny dirtbikes attracting the attention of two thugout local gangbangers. The thugs came closer and to their surprise, they noticed the incredible amount of cameras that our friends were sporting. The thugs quickly realized that they were being filmed which created a huge deterrent and a big non-starter for highjacking the bikes. Chase is showing in details through editing how it all went down that day. The only thing we can say is that Yummi and Chase were super lucky.
Analysis: A video about two thugs with a gun trying to highjack your bike will always get you millions of views, period. Most people are attracted to crazy shocking videos, in most cases, they will break down and click .

#4: Road rage incident turns into fist fight in Walmart parking lot.

Story: Darkness Moto was riding his motorcycle through a neighborhood in Denver, when he noticed a white sedan speed by him. He decided to pursue the sedan, which sped through the streets, zipping around other vehicles and on wrong side of the road. Darkness Moto captured the entire incident on his Gopro, saying that he wanted to follow the guy just to see his face. But, when the sedan’s driver outmaneuvered and out-crazied Darkness Moto, the motorcyclist abandoned his chase … or so he thought. After giving up, Darkness Moto decided to test out some tires in a dirt lot, and noticed the same driver pass by. He followed the vehicle into a Walmart parking lot. This is when Darkness Moto confronted the driver, who had a female passenger in the vehicle, asking him why he was in such a hurry, to which the scumbag driver explained, “Yo momma f***ed me good” in broken English. After the two spent a few minutes exchanging super funny insults, the driver began touching Darkness Moto's motorcycle. When Darkness Moto asked him not to, the driver makes a point to touch the bike again. That’s when all hell broke loose.
Analysis: If you look at any road rage videos, you will notice that they all have high view counts. This is true again, most people are attracted to crazy shocking videos. This video is so controversial that even the comment section is as entertaining as the video. The extreme side of this video is why it is getting so many views.

#5: ROBBED AT GUNPOINT! (Gun Pulled).

Story: Vroom Vroom Dana was out of town zipping around on his dual sport bike when all of a sudden, he stops beside a car and the driver robs him at gun point.
Analysis: The thumbnail of this video is wild, you can see a guy pulling a gun and the only thing you can hear is click. That's right, the click of your mouse when you click on that video. Again, the same concept that we saw earlier applies here, shocking videos makes the viewers wanna click.

#6: Fast Food Road Rage | Drive thru girl hates me.

Story: Ninja Flyboy is going through the drive thru of Orange Julius with his bike, he sits there for a very long time and then, it is his turn to pay and pick up his order.
Analysis: Nothing really happens in this video, except maybe for some passive aggressive interaction. This one is more a clickbait than anything else because you expect a wild confrontation or maybe a few punches and then, the only thing that happens is a big fat nothing. The definition of Clickbait is a very shocking video title that makes one want to click on the video and view it. However, in most cases, the content does not match the title very well and as a result, the video deceives the viewers. This is a widely used deceptive tactic on the Youtube platform but it does work very well. Consequently, the worst that can happened to you when you are doing a lot of clickbaits is that your own subs might turn against you and unsubscribe on you out of spite.

In conclusion, if you want to have views in the youtube game, you need to film super engaging material, the crazier, the better. However, sometimes it is very difficult to have good editing material because you will most likely have a very ordinary day most of the time. Now, the question is how to enhance what would be naturally boring material into something great again? The answer is clickbait. When you have a great thumbnail and a catchy title that comes with it, you will get views but you might lose subs. Where's the balance? Get the views! The views are Where da Ca$h at.

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