Motovlogging has to be fun for you and your viewers

Motovlogging is all about your own satisfaction, put some fun into it.

If your motovlogs are super funny, people will share it and watch it many many times over. Keep in mind that it is important to be over the top in whatever you do to get noticed.

The best motovloggers are always changing their bikes because they want to be as fresh as possible.

Changing your bike might be the key to success only if you buy a "must have bike", the views will go up for you only if the bike is a hot item of the moment. An unveilling is always a very exciting events for all and should always be documented for the subs.

There are many ways you can do a dramatic unveilling, you can stage a crate reveal with your dealer or a super wheelie on the highway with a cloud of smoke, many events can be organized for making that event as flashy as possible.

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Motovlogging has to be fun for you and your viewers

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