POST : Secrets of the Rich and Famous Motovloggers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a full time motovlogger making money & balling everyday? Keep on reading this article if you want to know more & learn how you can set yourself up like a pro and be the next motovlogger rockstar achieving Internet Stardom.

There are many motovloggers in the motovlogging sphere but many are not as successful as The Royal Jordanian, 6foot4 Honda, Snowcat, Cycle Cruza, BiliBeanMoto, Baron von Grumble and Suburban Delinquent just to name a few . Some of them have a very high amount of subscribers but the View Count is in reality exactly what enable them to make a great amount of cash: Youtube pays per view not per subscribers.

So what exactly is the secret to get notice in this sea of motovloggers? We created a small list of things that you should consider doing to set yourself apart from the noise, this list is inspired by the most prolific motovloggers and should definitively help you refine your game.

  1. Don't be afraid and shoot like a pro & Get the latest GOPro. Keep in mind that some drone footage is also a prerequisite in this game; inevitably, you will have to be prepared to shoot in 4K with a drone. RJ aka Royal Jordanian is known for his high resolution content and beautiful footage of downtown London, England. He has over 140 miilion views and 626 000 subscribers. Every time that RJ drops a vid nearly 30% of his subs watch. Why? Even though RJ rarely speaks; the cinematography quality of his videos is doing all the work for him.
  2. Royal Jordanian

  3. Get the latest Gear. Gear with a G, haha! Yes! Just like BiliBeanMoto. Do reviews of gear and model them for the subs. Everybody wants to know how certain items fit.
  4. BiliBeanMoto

  5. Get a sick pad to showcase to your subs. Talking about pads, 6Foot4 and Snowcat got brand new houses just by motovlogging! Say What? That's right brand new from the ground up! They got their dream houses custom built just last year and money just keep pouring their way! Who said that motovlogging doesn't pay?
  6. Snowcat


  7. Organize expensive road travel to exotic destinations. Baron von Grumble always travels first class everywhere he goes! Champagne and Martini shaken but not stirred. It is always great to follow him on his luxury trips through Brussels and Paris all the way to small Swiss villages near the Alps. On one of his trips, the Baron went to Dainese's Headquarters in Italy to get a custom made race track suit...try to beat that!
  8. Baron Von Grumble

  9. Vlog with multiple people. The rat pack is back, the Suburban Delinquent and his crew use SENA to get pristine audio and funny interactions. Sena is a great device to have because you can synchronize your device with your friends for a more colorful vlog. In general, subs like multiple actors in the same shot so, it is almost a must to have more people interacting with you at this point in the motovlogging game.
  10. Suburban Delinquent

  11. Be mysterious. Who said that concealing your identity is so 2014? Cycle Cruza is the most mysterious successful moto personality on the Internet. He fights for his privacy and that does not faze his devoted subs. Although, he has a massive amount of views, he is actually really ballin' in real life so that's why he cannot make a face reveal. Think about it! When you are a business owner, you cannot make a drastic decision and commit a career suicide on LinkedIn; especially when you are in control of your own de$tiny.
  12. Cycle Cruza

  13. Do some Stunting. Doing a couple of wheelies and stoppies for the subs never get too old: The better the stunters, the better the views! Check out the Blox Starz to know what I mean.
  14. Blox Starz

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