The MOTOSIM is upon us!

Yes it is finally ready to go into production. We are launching our kickstarter soon and want YOU to support us! The MOTOSIM is a set of motorcycle simulator controls that you can plug into your computer and ride a virtual motorcyle. We are going to have safety, learning, games, and virtual real world rides all available. It is going to be something new and affordable, and most of all it requires you to work the controls just like a real bike!


Secrets of the Rich and Famous Motovloggers

Have you ever wondered...

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Wanna see pics of Snowcat's Palace?

Snowcat just built a mega pad in one of Calgary's richest community. Click Here to see the Pictures

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    We compared 6 all time hits motovlogging videos to really see common elements that made them viral and we will share our analysis with you. The goal of this social experiment is to expose concepts that make the subs tick in this game.

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